Chino Valley Fire District
1133 West Road 3 North, PO Box 264, Chino Valley, AZ 86323 928-636-2442
Board Agenda and Minutes

Fire Chief
Scott Freitag

Fire Marshall
Art Castricone

Battalion Chief
Mat Mayhall

A Shift

Battalion Chief
Harris and Cox (Acting)

B Shift

Battalion Chief
Buddy Woodhurst

C Shift

Office Manager
Freida Huff
Officers of the Chino Valley Fire District 2013

Chino Valley Fire District Employees and Teams

9 Captains

1 Fire Chief
Technical Rescue Teams
9 Engineers
1 Fire Marshall
Wildland Firefighting Teams
15 Firefighters
3 Battalion Chiefs
Public Education Programs
5 Reserve Firefighters
2 Administration Support
CPR/First Aid Training