Chino Valley Fire District
1133 West Road 3 North, PO Box 264, Chino Valley, AZ 86323 928-636-2442

Beginning August 1, 2011 residents in the Chino Valley and Paulden area will be required to obtain a burn permit online
by using a computer to complete an application and to record when burning will occur.

The website will inform the applicant if any burn restrictions are in place.

Click the link below to be directed to the NEW Burn Permit Application website.

1.         Permitholder shall enter a request to begin burning and when the burn is complete on the website. Click the link above to access the website.
2.         Burning shall not present a health hazard, generate noxious or toxic fumes or present a public nuisance.
3.         The fire shall be attended at all times.
4.         Sufficient water shall be available for extinguishment.
5.         Burning shall not be conducted during high wind or other hazardous conditions.
6.         Burning shall be started after sunrise and be completed before sundown.
7.         Burning material shall be readily combustible (DRY) and piled.  No burning of wet materials.
8.         Toxic materials, including household waste and trash, shall not be burned.  Toxic materials include items such as:  tires,
            shingles, tar paper, railroad ties, telephone poles, rubber products, electrical wire insulation, upholstered furniture,
             mattresses, aerosol cans, paints, pesticides, plastics and hazardous material containers.
9.         Piles shall not be larger than five (5) feet in diameter.  Ten (10) feet shall be cleared around the burn area. 
            No combustibles (vehicles, structures, etc.) shall be within thirty (30) feet of the burn area.
The Chino Valley Fire District assumes no responsibility for any damages done through the issuance of this permit.
Persons wishing to burn piles larger than five (5) feet in diameter or materials that produce dense smoke or odor, must obtain a burn permit from the
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) by calling 1-800-234-5677, ext.  2326.